GoGaS - Ecothermal Engineering
Hallenheizung energieeffizient und nachhaltig
GoGaS - Ecothermal Engineering
Trocknungstechnik mittels Strahlung und Konvektion
GoGaS - Ecothermal Engineering
Regenerative Energie mit LUBI Wall

Welcome to GoGaS

Your competent partner

As specialist for warmth, cooling and ventilation we are your competent partner for the best room climate and heating technology process systems.

Fit to your needs and wishes we configure the ideal solution. Always in focus: sustainability and efficiency.

Upon request we provide you with the full service from planning to maintenance.

This means precisely:

Heating, cooling and ventilation of commercial and industrial buildings like for example

  • commercial and industrial halls
  • sports centres
  • logistic halls

Heating of exterior areas for example

  • Stands
  • Terraces

Heating technological process system for drying, coating and heating for industrial sectors like

  • Paper
  • Fabric
  • Synthetics
  • Ceramic
  • Food Products

Do you have any questions?

We're here to help

T: +49 231 46505-0


Application examples



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