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Electric Heat Pumps

Electric heat pumps for heating and cooling

  • Energy-efficient system based on the latest air-water heat pump technology
  • Water-carrying pipes between the outdoor unit and radiators inside the building
  • Low energy consumption and low CO2 emissions
  • Simple installation as the most important components are already installed in the outdoor unit
  • Integrated electric backup heater for
  • Failover and support in extremely low outside temperatures
  • Thanks to the modern inverter control, the system automatically adapts to the energy requirements of the building
  • Can also be used for water heating
  • Heating operation down to -25°C outside temperature

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GoGaS is a partner of DAIKIN

DAIKIN is the world's leading manufacturer of heat pumps, ventilation and air conditioning systems and offers innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for private, commercial and industrial applications.

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