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Heat Recovery

VRV 5 - heat recovery

  • Reduced carbon footprint thanks to a lower GWP R-32 refrigerant
  • Excellent sustainability over the entire life cycle
  • Free heating through heat recovery
  • Thanks to Shirudo technology, systems for smaller rooms can also be implemented
  • The perfect personal comfort thanks to simultaneous cooling and heating

Suitable for every room in your building

Thanks to the integrated Shîrudo technology, the VRV 5 can be used in rooms as small as 10 m2 without additional complex planning and safety measures.
With the safety devices integrated ex works, the new VRV 5 is extremely flexible in terms of installation, can be designed quickly and meets current product requirements.

Maximum flexibility

  • Installation in rooms up to only 10 m².
  • Flexible to install like any other VRV system.
  • WebXpress selection software ensures compliance with the latest product standards

All measures for refrigerant control integrated at the factory

Shîrudo technology includes 2 unique factory-integrated safety devices and sensors built into the VRV 5 system.

You can find more information in the download area.

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