Regulation Technology

Intelligent regulation technology with modular makeup

triControl Decentralized, modular made up, self learning regulation system 

The highest efficiency in heating and cooling systems can only be achieved with the best products and the latest regulation technology. The system evaluation by the law DIN EN V 18599 and the Öko-design-Richtlinie ErP 2018 (2009/125/EC) point to money saving opportunities. On the other hand cost and expense need to be in a reasonable relation.

The modular make up of triControl-regulation systems enables all solutions – from "good and cheap" to high-end.

Our SPSclimate-system supports a personalized programming with integration into the facility technology. Our consulting team can recommend the optimal regulation for every individual application.

All advantages at a glance

  • no control cabinet, no time consuming installations between regulator and actuators necessary thanks to intelligent modular technology

  • simple, affordable, open wiring thanks to triBus

  • up to four regulation circles in one triControl-regulator

  • freely configurable regulation parameters 

  • scientific and efficient regulation and with this full cost control

  • regulator communicating with another easily with triCombus

  • modular, easily expendable

  • usable with one- two levelled as well as level less regulable heating systems, compatible with every unit and manufacturer

  • self learning optimisation during pre heating process

  • decentralized temperature surveillance available; each box got a temperature sensor entrance

  • remote display and -control possible with triWebbox

  • connection to the intranet or foreign systems via triConnect

  • no outside access into system relevant areas possible

  • self explanatory menus and control

  • animated graphics or numeric display selectable

  • all important parameters easy accessible

  • simple heating time extension with selectable times

  • individual, easy system upgrading possible at all times

  • all applications in one regulation system