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Solar thermal hot air collectors

Fossil-free heat with solar energy

Achieving your ESG goals with LUBI Wall

ESG - what does that actually mean?

The term ESG comes from the English language and stands for Environment, Social and Governance. For each of these areas, verifi able criteria are defined that are important pillars when deciding on a green investment.

Investors pay attention to ESG criteria

Companies whose B2B real estate, investments, products and services meet ESG criteria are increasingly preferred in investment decisions. If you want to be securely positioned for the future, you cannot avoid meeting certain ESG standards.

An active principle for all seasons

The sun's rays penetrate the highly permeable polycarbonate of the LUBI Wall panels and reach the building wall – this can be the house facade directly or a specially attached cladding that acts as a "solar absorber". At this point, the solar radiation is converted into heat and forms a layer of air behind the panels that is up to 45 Kelvin above the ambient temperature.
The trick: Highly efficient fans draw fresh air evenly into the system through 902 small perforations in each individual panel. The fresh air mixes with the warm air layer, is thus heated and ensures a uniformly
high efficiency.

State support

The GoGaS LUBI Wall system is eligible for funding. We will be happy to advise you extensively about individual funding opportunities for your project.

Further information can be found in the download area.

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