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Patio Heater VARIOMAX

The energy-efficient premium solution to heat terraces

Comfortable warmth at the touch of a button - extend the summer season with our excellent patio heater VARIOMAX®.

As long-standing expert in energy-efficient and innovative heating systems we developed a heating system especially for the usage in outside areas. Due to the physical characteristics the infrared technology meets all the requirements for heating of outdoor areas.

Using the gas-infrared-technology VARIOMAX® (Spotlights for terraces and outdoor catering) emits the energy in form of infrared radiation. This energy is transferred into heat when it hits a person or object. So the air is not heated but directly the area to be heated. Due to these physical properties the VARIOMAX® is perfectly suitable for heating outside areas. The effect is comparable with the pleasant warmth of sun rays. 

The unique combination of technology and design does not only convince our customer: VARIOMAX® was the winner of Plus X Award as Best Product. But not only design counts - the corrosion resistant aluminum housing makes VARIOMAX® also wind- and weather-resistant. The patio heater can be mounted with its preinstalled console at the wall of a building. That means that you don't lose any usable space in the lounge area. 

VARIOMAX® is available for operation with propane (LPG) and natural gas. If you connect it to a gas line you do not have any cost for transport and storage of the propane bottles. 

The GoGaS patio heater is available in two performances, 6 kW or 12 kW. For even more comfort and efficiency you can have the patio heater optionally in two stage version. That means you can operate the heater with half or full power. 

VARIOMAX® has to be mounted at a height of at least 2.50 m so that the heat radiation has the optimal effectiveness.

That speaks for VARIOMAX® 

  • short heating-up time
  • appealing design
  • preinstalled flexible gas connection ½"
  • robust and weatherproof design
  • integrated console for easier mounting