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Electric Heat Pumps an Cooling Systems

Reliable and efficient

Why are plant room applications essential?

A cooling system for plant room applications removes heat from IT equipment, servers and other electronic equipment.

In order to be able to meet the ever-increasing demands on digital and mobile data processing by companies and other online users, IT systems, telecommunications equipment and server infrastructure must be available around the clock and fail-safe. Sudden or unplanned outages not only result in enormous costs for companies, but also impact end users who depend on uninterrupted access to data connections for their day-to-day activities. On the other hand, the heat loads generated in the IT and server rooms and in the telecommunications facilities increase day by day around the clock due to the operation of telecommunications facilities server rooms laboratories of the infrastructure. For this reason, companies need reliable, efficient and flexible cooling systems for their IT infrastructure, which ensure maximum availability of the IT infrastructure and at the same time a ensure the fastest possible amortization.

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Technical room cooling

Facts about cooling applications for vital IT environments

Low humidity

In contrast to a normal living environment, there are no or only negligible sources of humidity and moisture in typical server rooms and technical infrastructure environments. In addition, the continuous cooling removes existing moisture from such spaces. The relative humidity (RH) in server rooms and IT infrastructure rooms is on average below 30%. This low humidity makes it more difficult to transport heat (for the purpose of cooling the server rooms). Hence the need to install indoor units with significantly higher cooling capacity.

Reliable redundancy system is essential

  • In the event of a failure (due to a fault or shutdown by thermal protection), a reliable back-up system must take over immediately
  • Flexible control technology is required to increase the reliability of the backup system

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