LUBI Wall Solar Air System

Regenerative energy for fresh air and comfortable warmth

Fresh air for fresh ideas LUBI Wall is a highly efficient Solar Air System. It supports the heating, ventilation and cooling of facilities.

The principle behind it is easy: Solar energy converts through the medium of air into warmth – without temporarily storing it. In this manner the warm fresh air is available directly for heating or processes like drying technology.

The solar radiation penetrates the highly permeable polycarbonate of the panels and reaches the back wall – either the facilities facade or a special installed casing, which functions as a „solar absorber“. At this point exactly the sun rays convert into warmth and create an air layer behind the panels, which lies up to 45 Kelvin above the surrounding temperature. The Clou: Through 902 small perforations in every panel highly efficient fans suck evenly fresh air into system. 

This air blends with the warm air layer and reheats itself again and again at the absorber and creates an evenly high degree of efficiency.

The warm air is used flexible: Directly for heating and ventilation, as process heat or combined with drying technology.

Upgrading the facade

The patented Solar Air System is either planned before construction or installed afterwards on the facade. Next to aesthetic benefits LUBI Wall creates an optimal weather shield. The UV-, wind- and snow resistant LUBI Wall protects the facade from weather influence.