GoGaS is now a member of the Advisory Panel of the European THyGa Project

Realising fossil-free energy supply of the future!

Reducing gas consumption is the order of the day
The existing gas infrastructure is a decisive factor for energy supply and security of supply, as it can store energy in the long term and with high capacity. Nevertheless, it is important to reduce gas consumption not only for ecological reasons, but also particularly regarding possible supply bottlenecks and even better sustainability. Here, hydrogen additives for gas consumption devices are a solution with great potential. Policy makers in Europe are also increasingly recognising the important role that hydrogen blending with natural gas will play in existing gas networks to achieve decarbonisation goals with minimal impact on consumers. However, there is still a great need for research, for example to ensure the safety of this new technology and to determine the performance of a system with increasing hydrogen concentration.

The THyGa expert panel develops solutions - GoGaS is on board!
A project consortium will develop and recommend appropriate standards adapted to current needs to address the challenges faced by new and existing devices. GoGaS is now a member of the Advisory Panel of the European THyGa Consortium. As part of the Advisory Panel, GoGaS is involved in essential research projects, including the experimental investigation of gas appliances, and contributes its knowledge and expertise.

Further information is available in our press release as a PDF and as a ZIP file:

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New in the portfolio: DAIKIN VRV 5

A milestone on the way to decarbonising commercial buildings

DAIKIN vrv5 gogas goch

In order to always offer its customers the optimal solution, GoGaS works closely with system partners whose technologies in the field of sustainable building solutions perfectly complement our portfolio. We are pleased to welcome DAIKIN, the leading manufacturer of air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump technology, as a new system partner. When it comes to comfort and energy efficiency in the commercial sector, DAIKIN leaves nothing to be desired with its VRV technology.

VRV 5 Heat Recovery: Cooling and heating with heat recovery and climate-friendly refrigerant
VRV 5 series: The DAIKIN VRV 5 Heat Recovery is the first VRV unit for simultaneous cooling and heating with heat recovery and climate-friendly refrigerant for medium-sized and large B2B properties. The individual comfort control allows heat to be shifted while the system is in use: if areas are to be cooled, the heat can be transferred from there to areas that are to be heated. The innovative air-to-air heat pump works with the refrigerant R-32 and convinces with a 68 % lower global warming potential (GWP) as well as a lower refrigerant quantity compared to systems with the commercially available refrigerant R-410A. In addition, R-32 is a single-component refrigerant and can therefore be recovered and recycled relatively easily. As a result, the new DAIKIN VRV 5 Heat Recovery helps to significantly improve the CO2 balance of buildings - the greenhouse effect can be reduced by up to 71 %!

Further information is available in our press release as a PDF and as a ZIP file:

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Easier to achieve ESG goals

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Building solutions and health protection from a single source.

How sustainable is your company?
Which concepts and technologies are considered sustainable, and how can a company be identified that sets positive trends in the area of sustainability?

The ESG criteria help potential investors to assess the sustainable behavior of a company. The term ESG comes from the English and stands for Environment (environment), Social (society) and Governance (company management). Verifiable criteria are defined for each of these areas, which are important pillars when deciding on a green investment.


The ESG criterion E: Environment
Companies that meet the ESG criterion "Environment" drive forward strategies for environmental and climate protection:

  • Strategies to stop climate change
  • Use of renewable energies to reduce the ecological footprint
  • Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient methods in building management
  • Reduction of emissions and greenhouse gases (e.g. CO2)
  • Economical water consumption and environmentally friendly waste water disposal

The ESG criterion S: Social
Companies that meet the ESG criterion "Social" ensure, among other things, fair working conditions and health protection:

  • Good and fair pay for employees
  • Investments in safety at work and in the health of employees
  • Building technology: GoGaS helps to meet the ESG criteria

Further information is available in our press release as a PDF and as a ZIP file:

PDF: Press release 2022-03-28

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Sustainable system solutions for your building - now also with electric heat pumps and ventilation systems from DAIKIN

A perfect overall portfolio needs competent partners
In order to always offer its customers the optimal solution, GoGaS works closely with system partners whose technologies in the field of sustainable building solutions perfectly complement GoGaS' own products. We are pleased to welcome DAIKIN as a new system partner with immediate effect! The innovative company from Unterhaching sets new standards in the field of electric heat pumps - and thus fulfills our motto "Best climate for your building"! As a technology leader in heat pump technology, DAIKIN has the largest eligible product portfolio on the market. From now on, our customers will benefit from the extensive expertise that DAIKIN brings to the table as our partner in the field of federal funding for efficient buildings (BEG) when it comes to energy-related refurbishment and the construction of new buildings.

Electric heat pumps from DAIKIN - we take care of everything!

Anyone who decides to use electric heat pumps from our new system partner DAIKIN as part of our building solutions can sit back and relax: In accordance with our corporate philosophy, GoGaS will take over the complete project implementation for you:

  • Selection and system configuration
  • calculations
  • Assistance with applying for funding
  • Planning and coordination with architect and contractor
  • Assembly, installation and maintenance

Further information is available in our press release as a PDF and as a ZIP file:

PDF: Press release 2022-03-22

ZIP: DAIKIN brochure

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PROsens X

Plug & Play infection control for escalators and moving
walkways - innovative, effective and self-sufficient

Shopping centre, hospital, public authority, office, airport or underground: many people use escalators every day. Pathogens can collect in the area of the handrails, because our hands transmit numerous germs. This is why, not only since the Corona pandemic, many people avoid holding on to the handrails of escalators - and thus expose themselves to the risk of falling. The PROsens X disinfection module eliminates the problem with innovative technology and ensures safety as well as a good feeling: users can once again hold on to the handrail with peace of mind - protection against smear infections and accidents in one.

Handrail disinfection with UV-C - clever, effective, safe and sustainable
UV-C light against germs: GoGaS has been setting global standards in the field of room air and surface disinfection for years. Like all systems from GoGaS, the PROsens X series from the "Health & Safety" division is based on proven UV-C technology - validated, certified and with independent proof of effectiveness. The PROsens X module is simply mounted at the entrance of the handrails of escalators or moving walkways according to the well-known plug & play principle and effectively protects against smear infections. The technology behind it is effective and safe: PROsens X disinfects the handrail with integrated UV-C light as it passes through the device. The UV-C light destroys the DNA of viruses, bacteria and germs within the module - 99.9 percent of all pathogens on the surface and sides of the handrail are thus rendered harmless within seconds. During UV-C disinfection according to WHO standards, no dangerous radiation is emitted to the outside. PROsens X provides reliable, chemical- and ozone-free protection, thus giving all users maximum safety and peace of mind.

PROsens X: All advantages at a glance:

  • High efficacy: eliminates viruses, bacteria and germs.
  • With seal of approval: certified effectiveness and validated technology, independently proven
  • Effective & fast: continuous infection protection 24/7
  • Built-in dynamo: no external power connection, no cables, no intervention in the control system
  • Modern, elegant and compact design, high quality materials
  • Very quiet and unobtrusive during operation
  • Easy installation in new and existing systems, no conversion necessary
  • Compatible: available in 4 versions for all common escalators and moving walks
  • Customized printing possible
  • Safe system: UV-C light cannot get outside
  • Environmentally friendly: disinfection is chemical and ozone-free
  • Sustainable: all components are fully recyclable

You can find further information in our press release as PDF and ZIP file:

PDF: Press release 2022-02-28

ZIP: Press material

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