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VolumeAir HVLS decoating fans

With GoGaS VolumeAir, energy consumption can be reduced by up to 45 %1

Industrial fans that provide more independence, comfort and safety all year round Reduce energy consumption, optimize indoor climate, increase well-being, protect the environment

VolumeAir HVLS decoating fans are five-time winners:

1. Reduce energy consumption
• Save up to 30%2 on cooling costs in summer
• Save up to 45%1 on heating costs in winter

2. Improve air quality
• Move large volumes of air at low speed - quiet and draft-free
• Provide efficient air circulation in large and high rooms

3. Increase well-being
• Optimization of the indoor air quality of the working environment
• Increase comfort and safety for staff and guestse

4. Protect environment
• Significant reduction in heating costs and energy consumption
• Active contribution to CO2 reduction and climate protection

5. Protection from mold
• Moving air protects against mold growth and thus protects the building fabric
• Pollutant-free rooms guarantee a good working climate and increase productivity

1) Research project University of Liverpool by H.T. Lyons. The height of the bottom flow is one quarter of the fan diameter.
2) Practice Study by H.T. Lyons 

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GoGaS technologies operate fossil-free - and set standards!

GoGaS LUBI wall air system

Fossil-free and CO2-neutral energy generation - Independent from risks of global supply chains - Self-sufficient local supply with GoGaS heating technology

GoGaS technologies operate fossil-free - and set standards!

Sustainable building technology looks to the future and ensures a livable environment in the medium and long term, taking climate targets into account. When it comes to the development and implementation of state-of-theart building solutions, GoGaS is considered a pioneer in the field of environmentally friendly and resource-saving technologies. As one of the first players, the Dortmund-based company focused on technologies with the lowest possible CO2 emissions and developed into one of the leading suppliers in the fields of heating, cooling and ventilation of commercially used buildings, thermal process systems, indoor air hygiene and infection control. GoGaS
systems offer maximum energy efficiency, maximum cost-effectiveness, numerous funding opportunities - and meet the increasingly important ESG criteria.

Fossil-free technologies are the order of the day - GoGaS implements them!

The extraction and combustion of fossil fuels such as lignite, oil and natural gas not only leads to an increase in hazardous greenhouse gases and other pollutants, fossil fuels are also limited in quantity and fraught with geopolitical uncertainties. The current global challenges once again highlight how vital it is for countries or companies to become independent of fossil energy sources.

GoGaS technologies operate fossil-free - THE decisive step towards the future!

„Special challenges require special solutions“ is the credo of Dipl. Ing. Heiko Schneider, CEO and managing partner of GoGaS. Early on, the company recognized the immense importance of a completely renewable and fossilfree energy supply for buildings. GoGaS develops innovative technologies to achieve this goal - the increasingly threatening climate crisis and also the current challenges of global supplier and supply chains illustrate how forwardlooking and important this corporate strategy is

Fossil-free building heating with LUBI Wall from GoGaS - switch now!

With its patented LUBI Wall technology, GoGaS offers the ideal solution for an immediate switch to a fossil-free energy supply. LUBI Wall has much more to offer than CO2 neutrality or the reduction of the CO2 footprint: LUBI Wall works completely fossil-free!

LUBI Wall - all advantages at a glance:

  • Fossil-free and CO2-neutral heating of buildings
  • Patented warm air collectors
  • Easy changeover to fossil-free operation
  • Extensive government subsidies
  • Certified and validated by DIN/CERTCO and Fraunhofer
  • Reduction of CO2 footprint
  • Meets ESG criteria for green investments
  • Ideal for commercial, industrial and B2B properties
  • Dual operation for summer and winter
  • Usable with activated carbon filtercombinable with GoGaS HVLS fans

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GoGaS LUBI Wall Presse

VolumeAir HVLS: Turn slowly, save quickly.

This fan is a four-time winner.

B2B real estate: the indoor climate is a high economic asset
"Every kilowatt counts!" Economics Minister Robert Habeck puts it in a nutshell - we need to save electricity and gas. The increasingly threatening climate change and the tense geopolitical world situation require concrete measures. Economical energy consumption protects the environment, slows global warming and makes us less dependent on crisis-related raw material bottlenecks. This is particularly true for industry, logistics and commerce. Whether production, logistics, storage or exhibition halls, factories, industrial plants, hotels, train stations, hangars or airport terminals: B2B real estate with generous floor space and ceiling heights has a corresponding air volume that must be brought to a comfortable indoor climate in summer and winter - an intensive cost factor in terms of energy!

Save up to 30% on cooling costs in summer
At higher temperatures in summer, the VolumeAir HVLS provides a constant, gentle air flow that is perceived as a pleasantly cool breeze (wind chill effect). The temperature in the room is perceived as several degrees Celsius cooler and the VolumeAir HVLS can reduce the required cooling capacity of air conditioners by up to 30%. Thus, the ceiling fan operates much more costeffectively and sustainably than air conditioners. The VolumeAir HVLS not only saves money and reduces energy consumption - it even protects the health of your employees and guests, because too intensive air conditioning can lead to colds.

Save up to 45% on heating costs in winter
Physically, warm air rises and collects as an unused heat cushion under the ceiling. For example, if the temperature when heating a hall is around 20 °C, there may be around 26 °C under the hall roof. In winter, the VolumeAir HVLS moves these warm air cushions downwards, distributes them evenly in the room and ensures a pleasant, homogeneous temperature (destratification principle). The heating system has to work less and heating costs and CO₂ can be saved. In combination with highly efficient, decentralized heating systems, energy savings of up to 45 percent are thus possible - the VolumeAir HVLS fan ensures climate-friendly operation in summer and winter alike!

Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie in unserer Pressmitteilung als PDF und als ZIP Datei:

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GoGaS now a member of the German Datacenter Association (GDA)

Sustainability and energy efficiency - CO2 neutral and fossil-free planning, construction and operation of data centers

GoGaS brings its expertise to the GDA and the Think Tank, Energy Efficient & Sustainability.
The manufacturer and supplier of technical building equipment (TGA) GoGaS,, becomes a member of the German Datacenter Association (GDA). GoGaS offers custom-fit, modular TGA systems for the building climate, from sustainable planning and construction to the CO2-neutral and fossil-free operation of data centers. If required, the company offers everything from a single source, including calculations and designs, installation, maintenance, and support. To this end, GoGaS works closely and directly with the respective planners, builders and operators of data centers and integrates technology and installation partners with its international network. Pooling resources and competences to create a competitive advantage for the customer, in short, the best ROI.

The German Datacenter Association
The GERMAN DATACENTER ASSOCIATION e.V., founded in 2018 and based in Frankfurt am Main, is an association of operators and owners of data centers of all sizes. It is supported by leading research institutes, municipalities, and a network of partners.

Further information is available in our press release as a PDF and as a ZIP file:

PDF: Press release 2022-05-30

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GoGaS is now a member of the Advisory Panel of the European THyGa Project

Realising fossil-free energy supply of the future!

Reducing gas consumption is the order of the day
The existing gas infrastructure is a decisive factor for energy supply and security of supply, as it can store energy in the long term and with high capacity. Nevertheless, it is important to reduce gas consumption not only for ecological reasons, but also particularly regarding possible supply bottlenecks and even better sustainability. Here, hydrogen additives for gas consumption devices are a solution with great potential. Policy makers in Europe are also increasingly recognising the important role that hydrogen blending with natural gas will play in existing gas networks to achieve decarbonisation goals with minimal impact on consumers. However, there is still a great need for research, for example to ensure the safety of this new technology and to determine the performance of a system with increasing hydrogen concentration.

The THyGa expert panel develops solutions - GoGaS is on board!
A project consortium will develop and recommend appropriate standards adapted to current needs to address the challenges faced by new and existing devices. GoGaS is now a member of the Advisory Panel of the European THyGa Consortium. As part of the Advisory Panel, GoGaS is involved in essential research projects, including the experimental investigation of gas appliances, and contributes its knowledge and expertise.

Further information is available in our press release as a PDF and as a ZIP file:

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