N95 mask for all working days


The turbulent year 2020 is drawing to a close - and will everything be better in 2021? Without the vaccine, the prognosis is more like: after the wave is before the wave. So it's worth creating a routine of precautionary measures to prepare for the coming year. With the new FLUIDSHIELD N95 respiratory protection and surgical mask (USA), companies will receive the most resource-saving alternative on the market from Q1 / 2020.

Mask consumption, logistics and storage requirements mean long-term planning security. Due to the improved particle filter protection both when breathing in and when breathing out, the FLUIDSHIELD N95 is the responsible choice - both for the health of the employees and for operational safety.


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Baytree opts for GoGaS LUBI Wall

Baytree opts for GoGaS LUBI Wall (solar air collector)

As part of its further growth strategy, Baytree Logistics Properties acquired the property in Magdesburg-Rothensee secured in July 2019 and started speculative construction.

Both the hall layout and the technical equipment, such as the possible storage of water-polluting substances of class 3 (WGK III), the installation of a LUBI WALL - a highly efficient solar air system for energetically sustainable support for hall surface heating based on natural resources - offer users the best possible operational framework conditions for their industrial and logistical activities from all branches of industry.

baytree gogas goch

Visualization: Baytree

INTERx® Family, certified ambient air disinfection

GoGaS – Accounces INTERx® Family, certified ambient air disinfection dedicated solutions, UV-C irradiation against infectious aerosols.

GoGaS announces the expansion of it´s INTERx® product family for validated and certified disinfection of infectious ambient buildings air. The expansion includes 4 key product groups, each ideally suited and dedicated to individual and specific applications and their needs.

INTERsens®, for all indoor applications starting at 200m²/h capacity. The INTERsens® air volumes reaches from 200m³/h up to 1000m³/h, systems are available in ceiling, wall and floor versions. The different volume categories are carefully defined avoiding that infectious aerosols are moved between individual air zones in the rooms, hence further reducing the risk of infection. This further also allows the installation oft he systems in a decentralized and star structure, keeping dedicated room sections such as e.g. before and behind counters separated and to cover  any required max. air volume without any restrictions as well as in a save and controlled way. This further avpoids intermix of infectious aerosols.

gogas intersens 250r


Further information is available in the download area on the right -> press release from 10/08/2020

LUBI WALL – always fresh and filtered air


GoGaS announces the next generation of it´s certified Solar Air Collector LUBI WALL, now also fighting Corona and reducing the risk of infection. LUBI WALL has already become a strategic tool for customers, using CO2 neutral and fossile free energy for their buildings a spart of their green energy strategy. With the next generation of this solution LUBI WALL has now become a strategic and powerfull weapon fighting Corona and Aerosols all year round.

With the LUBI WALL, customers can manage the required and mandatory exchange of ambient room and building air, using the same system. This makes LUBI WALL unique, combining heating and cooling technology as well as ambient air exchange in the same system reducing the risk of infection by aersols.

gogas lubi wall solarer frischluftkollektor


energy-efficient heating & cooling

Development of an energy-efficient heating / cooling solution by GoGaS

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GoGaS realizes CO2-neutral properties. Economy and ecology as a symbiosis and sustainability from a single source were in the foreground.

Energy efficiency and amortization were in the foreground when selecting the heating and cooling technology in the new location of WLC Würth-Logistik GmbH & Co. KG in Künzelsau. The owner of the 8,600 m² property is the Hamprecht freight forwarding company, who, together with WLC and the Grups architecture firm, selected the decentralized heating and cooling solution from the Dortmund-based engineering specialist GoGaS. The GoGaS solution consists of a combination of several components that enables optimal temperature control of all rooms (hall and office), reduces investment costs by 50 percent and saves 25 percent in operating costs (compared to other suggested alternatives).

gogas heiztechnik und kuehltechnik im neuen standort kuemzelsau wlc wuerth logistik


A future-proof heating and cooling solution in large halls is always a decentralized solution. GoGaS managing director Heiko Schneider is convinced of this. Using the example of the WLC Würth logistics project in Künzelsau, he explains what is important: “In times of strict legal regulations with regard to the energy consumption of large properties and due to increased requirements by builders and investors in terms of energy efficiency, it is no longer sufficient to have one central Controlled heating system with hot air devices that produce and distribute heat energy at random, plan and install. Today, investment decisions in matters of heating and cooling technology are made on the basis of meticulously calculated criteria. "

Further information is available in the download area on the right -> press release from 09/21/2020