INTERx® Family, certified ambient air disinfection

GoGaS – Accounces INTERx® Family, certified ambient air disinfection dedicated solutions, UV-C irradiation against infectious aerosols.

GoGaS announces the expansion of it´s INTERx® product family for validated and certified disinfection of infectious ambient buildings air. The expansion includes 4 key product groups, each ideally suited and dedicated to individual and specific applications and their needs.

INTERsens®, for all indoor applications starting at 200m²/h capacity. The INTERsens® air volumes reaches from 200m³/h up to 1000m³/h, systems are available in ceiling, wall and floor versions. The different volume categories are carefully defined avoiding that infectious aerosols are moved between individual air zones in the rooms, hence further reducing the risk of infection. This further also allows the installation oft he systems in a decentralized and star structure, keeping dedicated room sections such as e.g. before and behind counters separated and to cover  any required max. air volume without any restrictions as well as in a save and controlled way. This further avpoids intermix of infectious aerosols.

gogas intersens 250r


Further information is available in the download area on the right -> press release from 10/08/2020