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Development of an energy-efficient heating / cooling solution by GoGaS

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GoGaS realizes CO2-neutral properties. Economy and ecology as a symbiosis and sustainability from a single source were in the foreground.

Energy efficiency and amortization were in the foreground when selecting the heating and cooling technology in the new location of WLC Würth-Logistik GmbH & Co. KG in Künzelsau. The owner of the 8,600 m² property is the Hamprecht freight forwarding company, who, together with WLC and the Grups architecture firm, selected the decentralized heating and cooling solution from the Dortmund-based engineering specialist GoGaS. The GoGaS solution consists of a combination of several components that enables optimal temperature control of all rooms (hall and office), reduces investment costs by 50 percent and saves 25 percent in operating costs (compared to other suggested alternatives).

gogas heiztechnik und kuehltechnik im neuen standort kuemzelsau wlc wuerth logistik


A future-proof heating and cooling solution in large halls is always a decentralized solution. GoGaS managing director Heiko Schneider is convinced of this. Using the example of the WLC Würth logistics project in Künzelsau, he explains what is important: “In times of strict legal regulations with regard to the energy consumption of large properties and due to increased requirements by builders and investors in terms of energy efficiency, it is no longer sufficient to have one central Controlled heating system with hot air devices that produce and distribute heat energy at random, plan and install. Today, investment decisions in matters of heating and cooling technology are made on the basis of meticulously calculated criteria. "

Further information is available in the download area on the right -> press release from 09/21/2020



Current announcement from 08/27/2020

GoGaS presents the latest series of its VARIOMAX® infrared patio heaters for professional use in restaurants, hotels and businesses.

The VARIOMAX® series was the winner of Plus X Award as Best Product. It offers the highest energy efficiency in its class and is available in two performances, 6 kW or 12 kW. The elegant design and the corrosion resistant aluminum housing, fit functionally and optically into any existing environment and guarantees safe and reliable operation in wind and weather. Comfort, wellbeing, security and unique energy efficiency ensure, in addition to the friendly atmosphere for your employees and guests, economical operation and, at the same time, environmentally friendly and sustainable operation in all seasons and weather conditions.

gogas variomax


The simple assembly is quick and easy. The patio heater can be mounted with its preinstalled console. VARIOMAX® is available for operation with propane (LPG) and natural gas. The electrical 230VAC / 50Hz connection has a power consumption of only 29 watts and is therefore also the most economical in its class. Pure efficiency, like all system modules and solutions from GoGaS.

Further information is available in the download area on the right -> press release from August 27th, 2020



Current announcement from 08/26/2020

GoGaS announces the UV-C partnership with well-known organizers of international symposiums, conferences and trade fairs. As an exclusive partner, the company will accompany events with its UV-C system solutions as a firewall to protect the participants and reduce the risk of infection.

GoGaS provides the appropriate system components of its integrated Health & Safety portfolio for an environmentally friendly and gentle disinfection, including consultation and creation of a tailor-made safety concept. GoGaS also takes over the operational implementation of the UV-C disinfection of the event areas such as:

  • Conference rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Exhibitor areas
  • Sanitary and service areas
  • Elevators

gogas prosens s gastro


The exclusive collaboration includes top international events such as

  • Innovationsforum Bayern, October 2020
  • Post, Parcel Expo Vienna, October 2020
  • Automotive Forum Ludwigsburg, November 2020
  • Construction Equipment Forum Berlin, November 2020
  • Aviation Forum Hamburg, December 2020
  • Future Battery Forum Berlin, December 2020
  • Passenger Terminal Amsterdam, April 2021

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Further information is available in the download area on the right -> press release from August 26th, 2020



Latest news from July 28, 2020

GoGaS, leading provider of sustainable building technology, is expanding its Health & Safety portfolio for environmentally friendly and gentle disinfection and cleaning of indoor and outdoor air indoors and outdoors.

With the LIFTsens, PARKsens and INTERsens series, GoGaS combines gentle UV-C disinfection with the cleaning and filtering of room and breathing air in stationary operation.


Disinfection of room and recirculated air in elevators, as a retrofit kit for existing systems and installation in new systems. Further information is available on the right in the download area -> GoGaS press release A.

gogas desinfektion aufzuege



Disinfection of indoor and recirculated air in garages and underground garages. Further information is available on the right in the download area -> GoGaS press release B.

gogas desinfektion parkgaragen



Disinfection of indoor and ambient air in buildings. Further information is available on the right in the download area -> GoGaS press release C.

gogas desinfektion raeume

With the systems, GoGaS combines its industrial UV-C light disinfection in the 254nm wavelength spectrum with the proven modules for cleaning room and breathing air in one system. All 3 series consistently rely on clinically approved materials and components, as well as the proven medical validation according to EN standards and international disinfection levels in the LOG table.

All three new series fit seamlessly into the tried and tested sustainability concept of GoGaS for better infection protection and reduced infection risk. LIFTsens, PARKsens and INTERsens can be digitally integrated into practically every Health & Safety compliance and reporting system.

The INTERsens series can also be supplemented by a contactless and integrated digital hand disinfection dispenser and designed as an info / display kiosk.

GoGaS scores with a new business area

UV-C radiation against Corona & Co:
GoGaS scores with a new business area

For more than 60 years, the Dortmund specialist GoGaS has been providing environmentally friendly solutions for all aspects of heating, cooling and ventilation. The innovative engineering expert for CO2-neutral office and commercial areas is also active in the fight against COVID. The company tackles the DNA of the virus with a whole range of products for various fields of application.

Word has got around that the fight against the ubiquitous aerosols is, among other things, about correct ventilation. But many employers, schools and kindergartens want more. Regardless of whether it is newspapers, radio, TV, SPIEGEL or Deutsche Welle: They are all currently addressing a topic that promises a solution: UV-C radiation, which destroys up to 99.9 percent of all viruses and bacteria in just a few minutes should.

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