Lightweight tube heaters

Lightweight tube heaters: More safety with large roof loads!

In the event of heavy snowfall and the resulting large snow loads, operators of logistics properties may be forced to shut down again and again, as the permissible total load can quickly reach its limits. In this case, it is important to avoid unnecessary weight already during the construction of the halls, thereby ensuring overall safety with greater flexibility. A forced shutdown due to excessive ceiling loads quickly leads to interruptions in the supply chain and massive losses in sales. Both must be avoided.

GoGaS reduces the ceiling load by up to 55% with its 2021 series tube heaters, thus reducing the overall load. Especially with high snow loads in the winter season, this enormous weight reduction means more safety and flexibility and thus contributes sustainably to the safe operation of the property. This significantly reduces downtimes and shutdowns due to excessive snow loads. This is a decisive advantage, especially with the resulting punctual ceiling load caused by the ceiling radiators required for heating operation.

leichte dunkelstrahler gogas


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