GoGaS Journal 2021-07-13

Switch to GoGaS sustainable heating systems now and benefit from up to 35/45% government subsidy

The present and future belong to regenerative energy supply. Take the initiative now: Switch to a sustainably operated heating system and take advantage of the financial tailwind of government funding: up to 35% of the total investment of the measures will be covered. If the building is heated with an old oil boiler, even 45% funding is possible when replacing it. Eligible costs range from the dismantling and disposal of the old oil boiler to the conversionand installation costs of the new, sustainable energy supply system.

With GoGaS, you have a reliable and innovative partner in the field of building technology atyour side. Thanks to flexible, modular complete solutions, GoGaS offers intelligent heating systems for your individual project. From energy generation to heating, GoGaS offers maximum energy-efficient, eligible systems from a single source.

  • Solar warm air collectors
  • Warm air heaters
  • Tube heaters
  • Air distributors
  • Electric heat pumps
  • Gas engine heat pumps

With the government subsidy, you not only reduce the required investment volume. With the innovative, sustainable system solution of energy generation and building heating, you also save running costs in the long term thanks to the outstanding energy efficiency. The combinations of components and thus the subsidy scenarios can vary. Our experts will behappy to advise you individually so that together you can make your heating system sustainable, efficient and future-proof - and the state will help you.

You can find further information in our press release as PDF and ZIP file:

PDF: Journal 2021-07-13

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