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GoGaS: Sustainable TGA system solutions for your buildings - from a single source.

Whether it's a factory building, a logistics property, a row of stores, a restaurant business, an office complex or a stadium: anyone planning a property today is faced with numerous challenges, because not only are the demands of the users high, but climate change, environmental protection and pandemics also require innovative and efficient solutions.

Where people work or consume, where products are manufactured, processed or stored: The climate matters! Anyone operating a modern industrial hall, for example, has to cool it in summer, heat it in winter, provide fresh air, lighting and a hygienic environment - all of which should, of course, be cost-saving, efficient, sustainable, environmentally friendly and practical to use

Heat, cold, air, light and infection control: Are customized, competent and complete building solutions also available from a single source? GoGaS offers an innovative overall portfolio in the field of building technology: Every customer receives a perfectly tailored service package with reliable all-round service that covers all phases of a project, from initial consultation and system selection to planning, execution and maintenance.

  • Control technology
  • Tube heater
  • High intensity heaters
  • Heat pumps
  • Solar air collectors
  • Ventilations
  • Warm air heaters
  • Air distributors
  • Chemical & ozone free infection control
  • LED Lighting Technology

You can find further information in our press release as PDF and ZIP file:

PDF: Press release 2021-09-01

ZIP: Press material

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