Pandemic protection in the hotel and restaurant industry

Benefit from state support!

The hotel and restaurant industry is in the middle of the Corona winter and has to master the difficult task of maintaining safe and profitable operations despite massive restrictions. The experience of the last few weeks has shown: Guests feel most comfortable where they feel optimally protected, and staff are also particularly motivated to work in an environment with high hygiene standards. Therefore, it should be a top priority, especially now, to invest in concepts that guarantee precisely this safety. Every hygiene protection measure is also an investment with foresight: Should the Corona pandemic finally be over at some point, most visitors and guests will probably expect the hygiene standards now established in the future as well. Scientists are also already warning of new pandemics - those who prepare for them today are playing it safe. GoGaS offers hotel and restaurant operators tailor-made and effective hygiene concepts, the components of which are state-subsidized!

For the following GoGaS products, you can get up to 90 per cent of the acquisition costs reimbursed under Überbrückungshilfe III Plus:

INTERx room air disinfection with UV-C light:

  • INTERsens® 250R: Pedestal for mobile installation in the room
  • INTERsens® 250: Wall or ceiling box for space-saving fixed installation
  • INTERsan 25/50: Small wall or ceiling box for the sanitary area

You can find further information in our press release as PDF and ZIP file:

PDF: Press release 2021-12-03

ZIP: Press material

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