Safe ambient air with INTERsens®

Now also as an attractive leasing model for more financial flexibility

Our leasing offers have many advantages
If you would like more leeway when investing in our products, you can now opt for our attractive
leasing models, which we offer together with our leasing partner Archimedes. You will benefit from many advantages:

• Greater financial room for manoeuvre, as credit lines are not burdened.
• All leasing instalments are fully tax-deductible business expenses
• Planning security through fixed monthly instalments
• Individual terms allow the greatest flexibility possible
• Unforeseeable risks are borne by the leasing company
• Leasing helps to keep up with the latest technology


We offer the following leasing conditions (full amortisation / term 48 months):
• INTERsens® 250R floor-mounted unit: from 58.90 euros monthly leasing rate (plus VAT)
• INTERsens® 250 wall-mounted unit: from 42.48 euros monthly leasing instalment (plus VAT)

Would you like alternative leasing periods? Contact us, we will be happy to prepare an individual
leasing offer for you!

You can find further information in our press release as PDF and ZIP file:

PDF: Press release 2021-12-14

ZIP: Press material

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