GoGaS is now a member of the Advisory Panel of the European THyGa Project

Realising fossil-free energy supply of the future!

Reducing gas consumption is the order of the day
The existing gas infrastructure is a decisive factor for energy supply and security of supply, as it can store energy in the long term and with high capacity. Nevertheless, it is important to reduce gas consumption not only for ecological reasons, but also particularly regarding possible supply bottlenecks and even better sustainability. Here, hydrogen additives for gas consumption devices are a solution with great potential. Policy makers in Europe are also increasingly recognising the important role that hydrogen blending with natural gas will play in existing gas networks to achieve decarbonisation goals with minimal impact on consumers. However, there is still a great need for research, for example to ensure the safety of this new technology and to determine the performance of a system with increasing hydrogen concentration.

The THyGa expert panel develops solutions - GoGaS is on board!
A project consortium will develop and recommend appropriate standards adapted to current needs to address the challenges faced by new and existing devices. GoGaS is now a member of the Advisory Panel of the European THyGa Consortium. As part of the Advisory Panel, GoGaS is involved in essential research projects, including the experimental investigation of gas appliances, and contributes its knowledge and expertise.

Further information is available in our press release as a PDF and as a ZIP file:

PDF: Press release 2022-05-05

ZIP: Press material

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