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VolumeAir HVLS: Turn slowly, save quickly.

This fan is a four-time winner.

B2B real estate: the indoor climate is a high economic asset
"Every kilowatt counts!" Economics Minister Robert Habeck puts it in a nutshell - we need to save electricity and gas. The increasingly threatening climate change and the tense geopolitical world situation require concrete measures. Economical energy consumption protects the environment, slows global warming and makes us less dependent on crisis-related raw material bottlenecks. This is particularly true for industry, logistics and commerce. Whether production, logistics, storage or exhibition halls, factories, industrial plants, hotels, train stations, hangars or airport terminals: B2B real estate with generous floor space and ceiling heights has a corresponding air volume that must be brought to a comfortable indoor climate in summer and winter - an intensive cost factor in terms of energy!

Save up to 30% on cooling costs in summer
At higher temperatures in summer, the VolumeAir HVLS provides a constant, gentle air flow that is perceived as a pleasantly cool breeze (wind chill effect). The temperature in the room is perceived as several degrees Celsius cooler and the VolumeAir HVLS can reduce the required cooling capacity of air conditioners by up to 30%. Thus, the ceiling fan operates much more costeffectively and sustainably than air conditioners. The VolumeAir HVLS not only saves money and reduces energy consumption - it even protects the health of your employees and guests, because too intensive air conditioning can lead to colds.

Save up to 45% on heating costs in winter
Physically, warm air rises and collects as an unused heat cushion under the ceiling. For example, if the temperature when heating a hall is around 20 °C, there may be around 26 °C under the hall roof. In winter, the VolumeAir HVLS moves these warm air cushions downwards, distributes them evenly in the room and ensures a pleasant, homogeneous temperature (destratification principle). The heating system has to work less and heating costs and CO₂ can be saved. In combination with highly efficient, decentralized heating systems, energy savings of up to 45 percent are thus possible - the VolumeAir HVLS fan ensures climate-friendly operation in summer and winter alike!

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