Finca & Bar Celona

New construction of a restaurant – cosy warmth with VARIOMAX

variomax bar celona gogas goch


The Finca & Bar Celona presents on a total of 620 square meters a guest room in typical Mediterranean flair and function rooms. Surrounded by large windows and high ceilings, the interior offers seating for 350 guests on two floors.

A highlight is the spacious covered terrace area with another 350 seats. About 100 of them are on the veranda along the house facade. In order to make the guests enjoy the atmosphere of the terrace even on cooler days, the operator has decided to install a heater for the veranda area.

The patio heater VARIOMAX® met all requirements. The device corresponds both technically and visually to the needs of the operator. Six VARIOMAX® with a capacity of 6 kW each were installed. By request of the customer, the devices were prepared for connection to the existing gas socket. The use of natural gas eliminates the time-consuming transport and storage of propane gas bottles, as necessary, for example, for special patio heaters (the so called “Heizpilze”). Installed on the wall, the VARIOMAX® also saves space. The devices are controlled centrally via the existing building management system. Thus, the operator can decide when the devices are switched on / off. Fixed times can be programmed in advance.

Guests appreciate the comfortable warmth on the terrace and stay there longer. The otherwise unheated conservatory is also used year-round due to the heat offered by VARIOMAX®. The guests are content with the comfort and the operator benefits from a significant increase in turnover.