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Energy-efficient heating / cooling solution for a logistics hall

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The optimal solution was demanded for the heating / cooling of two logistics halls and 15 office rooms. Decisive factors were energy efficiency and amortization. The original proposal of our competitors were standard solutions with tube heaters, warm air heaters or boiler systems with underfloor heating. These systems were not yet efficient enough for the operator of the hall. So GoGaS also pursued extraordinary ideas in close collaboration with the local architectural office.


  • Maximum energy efficiency for the heating / cooling of logistics halls and offices
  • Short payback periods
  • Optimal solution from an ecological and economical point of view
  • Maximum energy efficiency while increasing cos cosiness for the employees



Storage area:

Two LUBI Wall solar air systems with a surface area of ​​100 m² were installed here. By using the BAFA-funded solar air systems, free solar energy is sensibly used to heat the storage areas. An additional heating system is not required here. Energy efficiency and comfort are significantly increased.

Picking area:

Tube heater system with patented condensing technology TRIGOMAX®, total output of 240 kW. Two HVLS fans for air circulation up to 200,000 m³ / h with the added benefit of destratification.

Office area:

A gas engine heat pump with 56 kW cooling capacity and 65 kW heating power ensures pleasant temperatures in the 15 office rooms. The heating / cooling takes place via 16 ceiling cassettes.


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Our exceptional solution offers high energy-saving potential in the field of heating / cooling in large areas. The extremely flexible system can be configured individually according to the respective needs. For each application, the optimal system components are put together and perfectly matched to each other.

If possible, renewable energy is also used so the customer can benefit from BAFA subsidies. Not only ecologically and economically, our system solutions are the perfect choice. They also provide an increase in comfort for the users of the premises.