Renovation of a production hall - the energy-saving application: condensing technology from GoGaS

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The company Michels Baumaschinen und Fahrzeugbau is one of the full-liners in the construction equipment market when it comes to earthmoving and handling. The highly efficient heating of the production hall from 1980 was no problem for GoGaS. Great gates to the eaves had previously allowed the warm air of the hot air generator installed next to the eight gates to escape unhindered.

The constant entry of cold air into the work area has resulted in decades of dissatisfaction among the staff and very high heating costs. On the other hand, extreme heat cushions formed in the hall, which easily reached temperatures of 25 °C in higher working areas. The 100 x 22 meter hall is used 10 hours a day, 6 days a week.

In close cooperation with the Michels company, we developed an innovative system concept. Now eight gas infrared tube heaters of the type DSU 40/2 are used. The highlight is the combination with the patented TRIGOMAX®! The hot exhaust gases of the tube heaters are cooled by the heat exchanger with room air and the heat is, fan-assisted in countercurrent principle, released as thermal heat to the ambient air. Depending on the capacity utilization of the system, the exhaust gas temperature of the TRIGOMAX® system is between 35 and 44 °C. With the GoGaS software Infra-Control, integrated into the existing company network, the system can be controlled by authorized PCs. Overtime? No problem. Outside the regular working hours, employees can switch on the heating for one hour each daytime using a simple time switch.