Ølen Betong

Restructuring of a production hall - heating with infrared radiation technology

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The Norwegian producer Ølen Betong mixes different kinds of concrete with different performance characteristics resulting in different treatment and hardening times. Each kind needs a distinct temperature to start the hardening process. Ølen Betong e.g. uses electrical heated concrete molds as final production step prior to delivering or storing the product. Furthermore, space heating also plays an important part in keeping the surrounding temperature of the concrete molds at a constant level. At this point GoGaS comes into play.

When the gates of the production hall in Haugesund (Norway) are open, cold air directly flows into the area where the concrete units in the electrically heated molds are located for hardening. To prevent a sudden temperature drop, Ølen Betong installed multiple GoGaS high performance heaters type M 24 in one of the halls to keep the temperature level steady and secure the quality of the concrete units.

The same technique is also used in one of the older halls in which the high-performance heaters play a further roll. There, the radiation heat of the GoGaS high-performance heaters helps to reach the
hardening temperature of the concrete faster and thus accelerate the manufacturing process.

GoGaS-gas infrared heaters provide constant radiation heat and thus push the procedure. The high-performance heaters convert most of the used gas into radiant energy, which only release their energy in the form of heat when they hit the concrete units. This eliminates the problem of the incoming cold air cooling the concrete so that the concrete units dry constantly and without delay.

At the same time, energy costs are kept to a minimum by the highly efficient gas infrared heaters as they are only used where the heat is needed.