Riding school

Restoration of a riding school – Infrared heating systems for comfortable warmth

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Uneasy grandstands in riding stadiums, cold riding schools or sports facilities are not visitor-friendly. With GoGaS heating systems, sports facilities can be heated quickly, economically and comfortably. The immediate operational readiness of the GoGaS infrared radiant heating system reduces energy requirements and thus energy costs. Especially with the predominantly hourly use of riding or sports schools this is an enormous energetic and above all economic advantage.

GoGaS infrared radiators are directly heated. Most of the energy used is converted into heat radiation. The infrared radiation is specifically directed to where the heat is actually needed. The low heat requirement of infrared radiation heating and the use of the environmentally friendly fuel gas underline the advantages of this technology.

The efficient gas infrared radiators transfer the primary energy used - similar to the sun - in the form of infrared radiation. Once, the radiation hits matter it is converted into sensible heat. People feel the comfort-enhancing effect immediately after initial operation.

GoGaS infrared radiators are particularly suitable for use in high halls or open spaces. Air is almost transparent to radiation, so it is hardly heated by the infrared radiation. A decisive advantage that speaks particularly for use in open sports facilities.

Despite the low air temperature, a high degree of thermal comfort is achieved by the intensive "heat radiation". An effect that is comparable to solar radiation in high mountains, where even at minus temperatures - thanks to the existing infrared radiation - extremely pleasant temperatures prevail.