CAREtaker / Disinfection Robot

CAREtaker2 HERO21 - Air and surface disinfection clinically tested and validated

GoGaS Goch from Dortmund presents the CAREtaker2 HERO21 disinfection robot, which is even more powerful and faster and was developed in Dortmund

Key Facts and Application Datas

CAREtaker2 HERO21 Disinfection robot

• Clinically tested and approved , fully certified system
• Disinfects and destroys the DNA of Bacterias , Germs, Molds , Viruses at the same time
• Manual, semi automatic , full automatic operation
• Easy use and control
• Developed and verified in close cooperation with hospitals and official authorities
• Easy integration in Health & Safety Compliance Systems and daily routines
• Covers all 7 LOG levels medically defined ) 99.99%
• 360 coverage of air and surfaces , integrated camera and sensor control
• Automatic Shut of and Safety mode
• Easy selection of mode , intensity and duration , easy to replicate
• Automatic data collection and data analysis , IT integration (ISO/
• Clear, error free setup , procedures and cycles , repeatable for clear and save operation
• Accuracy 50mm
• Automatic Charging incl. Docking Option and Home Function
• UV Tube lifetime 12.000 hours with same set

gogas caretaker2 hero21 buero office desinfektion desinefction


GoGaS CAREtaker UV-C Disinfektion robot - Disinfect an office

Save, Repeatable , Environment friendly

CAREtaker2 HERO21 Disinfection robot

• Operation 100% repeatable and documented
• Disinfects Air and Surfaces in one cycle , destroys DNS structures
• Save and secure validation and data transfer (H&S Compliant
• No hazardouz or environmental dangerous disinfection liquids
• No risk of poisoning People, Air, Water
• No Aerosols and other poising particles
• No risk is storing , doses , applying or disposing
• No need for separate storage , hazardous material
• No known impact to surfaces , plastics , colors and others
• No negative CO2 impact
• No Allergies

Videos UVC Disinfection robot

GoGaS Video: Chemical-free disinfection of buildings


SAT1 NRW Report - robot kills corona viruses

sat1 nrw reportage gogas desinfektionsroboter

To start the video, please click on the picture. The video from SAT1 NRW opens in a separate window.