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Escalators & moving walkways


The PROsens X disinfection module quickly and effectively disinfects  escalators and moving walkways handrails. The innovative technology works ozone-free and without the use of harmful chemicals. PROsens X generates ist own power from the movement of the handrail: economical, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient!

The PROsens X modules are compatible with all escalators and moving walkways from all well-kown manufactures and are designed for Plug & Play operation: self-sufficient power supply through built-in dynamo, no connections to the existing electronics and control system!



Shopping malls, hospitals, airports or subways: Many people use escalators every day. On and around the handrails, the germ load can be particularly high. The PROsens X disinfection module uses innovative technology to ensure safety and trust: Users can grip the handrail with confidence.

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Chemical and ozone-free disinfection

Automatic disinfection of handrails. Increased protection and sense of security. Reduced risk of accidents. With the pandemic, the risk of accidents caused by falls when using escalators and moving walks has increased significantly. Users fear infection through smear infections when touching the handrails. The GoGaS Plug&Play solutions can be easily attached to practically any handrail, ensure greater protection and safety and take away the fear of touching the handrails. An optimal combination and synergy of infection and accident protection

Simple installation, no impairment of operation, immediate perception through the use of "Protection & Security"

Chemical and ozone-free disinfection of the handrails of escalators/escalators and moving walks

  • Certified chemical and ozone free
  • Simple installation on all existing types and designs
  • Durable LED technology and safer disinfection with UVC wavelength, no radiation to the outside
  • The disinfection takes place continuously through the normal circulation of the escalators and moving walks
  • No external power connection required (self-propelled, dynamo method)
  • No intervention in the existing control, electronics and mechanics, no new approval required after installation
  • Plug and play, ready to use