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Top infection protection in the Red Bull Ring MediaCenter

Top infection protection for the Red Bull Ring in the Spielberg MediaCenter

Safety has top priority in Formula 1, even when it comes to the health safety of those involved who are not directly involved in racing. The premier class of motorsport is developing in the area of ​​safety from year to year. The Formula 1 circus is also doing justice to the Covid19 pandemic and is constantly redesigning its safety and health concepts.
On the occasion of the two Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, the MediaCenter was equipped with UV-C room air disinfection columns for the first time. In addition, a UV-C disinfection robot was used during the night, which is already being used successfully on a daily basis in university hospitals in Germany and Switzerland.
Since more than 100 journalists from over 20 nations worked in the MediaCenter, Formula 1 attached great importance to infection protection. The organizers set a new benchmark in combating pandemics with the indoor air disinfection columns and a fully autonomous robot.

You can find more information in our PDF.

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The All-Round Health & Safety

Chemical-free disinfection of ambient air, objects and buildings

Comprehensive services from assembly to after-sales.

Customized system technology solutions from a single source - GoGaS is extending this holistic principle with Full-Service logistics (5PL) via the European market leader Rhenus HighTech. Within this partnership, we will equip your business in an uncomplicated and comfortable manner, with innovative, validated, sustainable, as well as chemical - and ozone-free disinfection solutions from GoGaS.

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Our 360 ° service means that you simply order, we take care of everything else. From the transport to installation and operational commissioning at the installation site, to instructing you in the use of the equipment, through to comprehensive technical support services for problem-free operation. Thanks to the widespread and close-knit infrastructure of our supply network, we are always close to our customers and, withexperienced specialist staff, we are always directly able to fulfill your needs and resolve all your requirements. Your advantages with our All-Round Health & Safety service: You can always make use of our fast and flexible support system, conveniently, and withan estimable cost structure.

You can find more information in our PDF.

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Auditorium, kindergarten or classroom

The INTERsens® 1000 is an almost two meter high movable column with a diameter of 70 centimeters, which can process up to 1,000 m³ per hour and which sucks in the air itself on the ground. With a maximum noise level of 35 dB (A), this is a perfect addition to an existing ventilation system. The volume can easily clean an auditorium or an entire daycare center. The INTERsens 250 is ideal for classrooms. This device also works on the basis of UV-C, but has a diameter of only 36.5 centimeters.

The capacity can be set to 150, 250 or 340 m³ per hour. This is enough for a classroom because the cleaning capacity of a ventilation is insufficient. The nice thing about both GoGaS machines is that the outer fabric can be designed according to your wishes with advertising, cheerful performances or, for example, Christmas packaging.

Further information can be found in the PDF.

PDF: InstallatieEnBouw - Niederlande

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Der Nahverkehr - February 2021

Indoor air disinfection in local transport

Air circulation in buses and trains

In general, ventilation and air conditioning in local transport, such as buses and trains, are centrally controlled. This also means that, apart from the Alass nozzles on the seats, all air currents are predetermined. As a rule, passengers have no direct influence on this. If the driver or sensors change these ventilation or air conditioning settings, this has a direct influence on all passengers. this is exactly where one of the central problems lies, comparable to integrated cooling systems in buildings. In the case of infected persons on board, pathogenic agents, here aerosols, are distributed to practically all passengers using a central control system. The same problem is understood when disinfection modules, regardless of the technology, are simply retrofitted in existing ventilation systems in buses and trains, even if this initially seems to be a sensible option.

Much better protection against infectious pathogens can be achieved with modules in which the ventilation and air conditioning system as well as the room air disinfection have separate circuits. This protection can be optimized even further by dividing this second air circuit over the passenger area again and thus creating separate laminar air circuits that cannot mix directly during the journey.The more clearly these circuits are separated, the better the protection. So it would be ideal to be able to mix the infectious air directly. The more clearly these cycles are separated, the better the protection. It would therefore be ideal to attack and eliminate the infectious air directly in the passenger.

You can download the full report as a PDF:

PDF: Indoor air disinfection in transport

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GoGaS INTERx series wins the PLUS-X Award 2021

GoGaS INTERx series for chemical-free room airGoGaS INTERx series for chemical-free room airdisinfection wins internationally renowned PLUS-X Award2021 - Best Product and Best Brand 2021 - RoomDisinfection Category

As announced by the jury of the internationally renowned Plus-X Awards on April 12,  the GoGaS INTERx series for chemical- and ozone-free disinfection of indoor air has been awarded the Plus-X Award 2021 for Best Product and Best Brand 2021 in the category Room Disinfection.
The Best Product and Best Brand awards are presented only once a year. The award is given to the best products that were convincing in their genre in the most categories.

In addition, the INTERx series was able to win in a total of 5 categories and won the 2021 award in the categories:

  • Innovation
  • Functionality
  • Highest quality
  • Design
  • Ease of use

The coveted awards in these 5 categories were given to the complete INTERx series in 2021. This includes the systems:

  • INTERsens® 250 (wall version)
  • INTERsens® 250 R (free standing column)
  • INTERsens® 1000 (free standing advertising pillar)
  • LIFTsens 25/50 (passenger and freight elevators of all kinds)
  • INTERsan 25/50 (for WC and sanitary rooms)
  • INTERex 25/50 (for containers and mobile facilities)

Further information is available in our press release as a PDF and as a ZIP file with further documents.

PDF: GoGaS Journal 17 - 2021-04-16

ZIP: GoGaS Journal 17 - 2021-04-16 - Material

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