Room air purifier

GoGas offers new room air purifier series

Excerpt from the magazine for surface technology MO

"GoGaS presents its extended INTERx® family for the reliable and validated disinfection of the room air and the killing of infectious aerosols with reliable and environmentally friendly UV-C radiation. Four series are offered, tailored to the respective task.

The INTERsens® models are suitable for all indoor spaces from 200m³ / h room volume. They are available as ceiling, wall and stand versions from 200m³ / h to 1000m³ / h. The devices can also be arranged decentrally and in a star shape and thus divided into security zones such as in front of and behind a sales counter or counter up to any room volume. In this way, the defined air currents remain separate and the distribution of infectious aerosols as in central systems and systems is prevented. "

gogas interlit schule uv desinfektion