GoGaS INTERx® series wins the PLUS-X Award 2021

GoGaS INTERx® series for chemical-free room airGoGaS INTERx® series for chemical-free room airdisinfection wins internationally renowned PLUS-X Award2021 - Best Product and Best Brand 2021 - RoomDisinfection Category

As announced by the jury of the internationally renowned Plus-X Awards on April 12,  the GoGaS INTERx® series for chemical- and ozone-free disinfection of indoor air has been awarded the Plus-X Award 2021 for Best Product and Best Brand 2021 in the category Room Disinfection.
The Best Product and Best Brand awards are presented only once a year. The award is given to the best products that were convincing in their genre in the most categories.

In addition, the INTERx® series was able to win in a total of 5 categories and won the 2021 award in the categories:

  • Innovation
  • Functionality
  • Highest quality
  • Design
  • Ease of use

The coveted awards in these 5 categories were given to the complete INTERx® series in 2021. This includes the systems:

  • INTERsens® 250 (wall version)
  • INTERsens® 250 R (free standing column)
  • INTERlit® 1000 (free standing advertising pillar)
  • LIFTsens® 25/50 (passenger and freight elevators of all kinds)
  • INTERsan® 25/50 (for WC and sanitary rooms)
  • INTERex® 25/50 (for containers and mobile facilities)

Further information is available in our press release as a PDF and as a ZIP file with further documents.

PDF: GoGaS Journal 17 - 2021-04-16

ZIP: GoGaS Journal 17 - 2021-04-16 - Material

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