Top infection protection in the Red Bull Ring MediaCenter

Top infection protection for the Red Bull Ring in the Spielberg MediaCenter

Safety has top priority in Formula 1, even when it comes to the health safety of those involved who are not directly involved in racing. The premier class of motorsport is developing in the area of ​​safety from year to year. The Formula 1 circus is also doing justice to the Covid19 pandemic and is constantly redesigning its safety and health concepts.
On the occasion of the two Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, the MediaCenter was equipped with UV-C room air disinfection columns for the first time. In addition, a UV-C disinfection robot was used during the night, which is already being used successfully on a daily basis in university hospitals in Germany and Switzerland.
Since more than 100 journalists from over 20 nations worked in the MediaCenter, Formula 1 attached great importance to infection protection. The organizers set a new benchmark in combating pandemics with the indoor air disinfection columns and a fully autonomous robot.

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