The VARIOMAX combines comfort and energy efficiency

Patio heater are harmful to the environment. In Corona times there are therefore new opportunities to Heating of outdoor areas in demand. GoGaS Goch GmbH & Co. KG from Dortmund has been developing innovative heating, cooling and ventilation solutions for decades. you offers not only environmentally friendly alternatives to the patio heater, but a wide range energy-efficient products for industry and trade, from patio heaters to Disinfection robots up to the thermal process plant.

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GoGaS` commitment has always been to provide the most efficient and sustainable solutions to its customers. The more efficient and sustainable the easier the operation and usage for every customer. Commiting to this protects customers’ investments in many ways, such as lower total invests, longer life time and less maintenance costs. In a nutshell, our solutions help our customers saving money, reducing costs and contribute to their bottom line profit.

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Clean combustion with hydrogen burners

As a fuel, hydrogen can be burned and produce virtually no pollutants in the process. No greenhouse gases are released. Porous burner technology can help achieve zero-emission operation. But there are also ways to reduce the emissions. Solar air collectors are an effective means of doing this.

If we take P2X a step further, the next level is the reaction of hydrogen with environmental CO2. Here, again using renewable electricity, methane – essentially natural gas – is produced. The methane generated in this way is CO2-neutral, which means that in contrast to fossil fuels, no additional CO2 is emitted during combustion.

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UV-C radiation against Corona & Co:
GoGaS scores with a new business area

For more than 60 years, the Dortmund specialist GoGaS has been providing environmentally friendly solutions for all aspects of heating, cooling and ventilation. The innovative engineering expert for CO2-neutral office and commercial areas is also active in the fight against COVID. The company tackles the DNA of the virus with a whole range of products for various fields of application.

Word has got around that the fight against the ubiquitous aerosols is, among other things, about correct ventilation. But many employers, schools and kindergartens want more. Regardless of whether it is newspapers, radio, TV, SPIEGEL or Deutsche Welle: They are all currently addressing a topic that promises a solution: UV-C radiation, which destroys up to 99.9 percent of all viruses and bacteria in just a few minutes should.

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Martin Sembach, Director Strategic Business Development at GoGaS, outlines how the company’s infection prevention products can help venues reopen.

UV-C versus chemical disinfection provides the entire value chain with more than just one key advantage. In brief the key benefits and USP´s are that as UV-C is absorbed by the atmosphere, pathogens such as bacterias, germs, mould and viruses do not have a natural protection against this light spectrum. Hence, applied in the correct way, frequency, intensity and duration, UV-C does more than just disinfecting, it destroys the DNS of all pathogens. Hence, they are unable to reproduce themselves, which very often, when applying chemicals, cannot be guaranteed.

Secondly, UV-C is totally environmentally friendly and neither produces ozone, nor does it require any chemicals.

Imgae detail:

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Can robots become great Corona helpers?

The intelligent robot hands you the cotton swab, you take the swab yourself and the robot hermetically seals the sample and sends it on its way to the laboratory. No contact, no endangerment and no waste of the scarce medical personnel resources.

There are also places of work in the world of work: Office closes after a day with the public. How long do viruses stay on surfaces and in the air? The employees are insecure. But when the work day ends, the robot colleague sets off. Similar to a vacuum robot, it wanders through all rooms and disinfects with UV light. GoGaS Goch GmbH & Co. KG from Dortmund already offers a disinfection robot with UV light.

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GoGaS is providing sustainable solutions for IR, UV and UV-C applications since more than 70 years, hence, they are not jumping into this market with an opportunistic mindset, they simply expand their established and sustainable product offer to their customers, providing them a sort of FIREWALL protecting their business against all pathogen threats, not just Covid-19, but also bacteria, germs, mold and any other virus, as well as MRSA.

You can see this from the overall Firewall slide and how we put our various solutions in a modular way across the entire company and building structure, reducing the risk of infection and reducing the risk of shutdown, which would mean a big loss of business and revenue for our customers every single day.

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UV-C disinfection with a system

Gogas wants to deliver "holistic system solutions - sustainable, modular, certified, validated". We reported in detail about the operating principle and the self-driving disinfection robot Caretaker2 in issue 06/2020. Now the range of devices that kill germs using the UV-C process has been completed. From the solutions for the entire building - from the underground car park to the lobby and lift to documents and keys - this is what interests restaurateurs in particular
Circulating air disinfection module "Inter Sense" and "Pro Sense S" (picture).

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GoGaS Goch relies on high-energy UV-C light - drone magazine

The UV-C process has been an integral part of food production, drinking water treatment and numerous areas of health care such as operating theaters and patient rooms for many years. The principle is based on the knowledge that pathogens in the history of evolution could not build their own protection against UV light, because UV-C light is completely absorbed by the earth's atmosphere. "The fight against pathogens is a consideration of the respective means of use. With the atomization of liquids, huge rooms and areas can be disinfected even from a great distance. However, the use of UV-C light is the safest method at close range," says Martin Sembach from GoGaS Goch from Dortmund.

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UV-C Light, Better Infection Prevention in Stadiums

Traditional disinfection methods are based on using liquids, both chemicals and bio degradable. With the awarness of COVID-19 and the need for a strategic response in infection prevention, it has rapidly become clear that applying more chemicals is partially solving the problem. On the other hand this generates a whole range of new
problems, including a dramatic increase of usage of hazardous disinfection liquids, increase of risks for employees and visitors by poisoning aerosols, their spread in ventilation and aircon systems and equally bad, in the water system due to wrong and improper handling and application.

GoGaS CAREtaker is ideal for VIP lounges, team areas, team areas, conference rooms, restaurants and general public areas such as football stadiums, ice hockey, handball, basketball and baseball.

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UVC disinfection robot CAREtaker - something new made out of the threat

Gogas, a company with over 70 years of experience in the field of electromagnetic waves, also succeeded in creating something new from the threat. During the crisis, the strategic decision was made to add the third pillar, Health and Safety Compliance, to the two existing pillars, building systems and process heat. The alliance with the Danish company UVD Robots brought a master distributor on board, with whom one can offer the customer hygiene in the building and with additional products also hygiene for the employees.

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