UV-C stationary, portable, mobile

GoGaS PROsens UV-C light disinfection for sensitive surfaces and materials Made in Germany

UV-C disinfection cassette, box structure. Disinfection using UV light. For environmentally friendly disinfection of sensitive and sensitive surfaces and materials. Construction as a portable table unit. Integrated 254nm UV lights, monitoring and safety electronics, interval control fail save function

• Table version, portable, portable, closed unit
• Operation fully automatic, fail save function, interval controlled
• Connection 230VAC / 50Hz (30 watts)
• Dimensions outside L / W / H 365x285x135mm
• Polycarbonate or stainless steel housing
• Color graphite gray outside, aluminum reflective inside
• Weight about 4.90 KG
• Opening, top hinge, safety switch, locking, emergency stop
• UV-C radiation 254nm (destroys the DNA of the pathogen)
• Disinfection performance> 120 joules / m², corresponding to 99.99% min. LOG level 3
• Guaranteed lifespan UV lamp> 6000 hours,> 90% wavelength precision
• Total disinfection interval <20 seconds
• Environmentally friendly and ozone-free operation
• Made in Germany, CE certified

Examples of use