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The H2 Network

GoGaS is a member of "The H2 Network"

We are committed to covering the value chain from H2 generation to the end consumer. Our main focus is on technology and product development. In order to meet the resulting requirements, we have bundled the competencies of well-known companies in the gas industry in our H2 network in order to be able to advance the development of appropriate solutions as quickly as possible without wastage. The BMWI promotes the merger of our member companies through the central innovation program for SMEs, ZIM. Specifically, we are working on describing the necessary development needs in each case and initiating corresponding development projects, which in turn can be funded in ZIM. At the moment our development focus is on sealing, measuring, control and burner technology.


GoGaS is now a member of the Advisory Panel of the European THyGa Project - Realising fossil-free energy supply of the future!

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The European THyGa consortium investigates the potential of hydrogen-natural gas mixtures

The European project THyGA (Testing Hydrogen Admixtures for Gas Appliances) investigates the impact of mixtures of natural gas and hydrogen on end-use applications. The main objective of the project is to enable a broad application of H2NG (hydrogen in natural gas) blends by filling knowledge gaps regarding the technical impact on residential and commercial gas appliances. The resulting understanding is to be communicated in an understandable way in the private and commercial sector. 

The THyGa expert committee develops solutions - GoGaS is on board!

A project consortium will develop and recommend appropriate standards adapted to current needs and thereby addressing the challenges posed for new and existing devices. GoGaS is now a member of the Advisory Panel of the European THyGa Consortium. As part of the advisory board, GoGaS is involved in essential research projects, e.g. in the experimental investigation of gas devices and contributes his specialist knowledge and expertise.

GoGaS actively shapes the future of energy supply

As a member of the advisory panel of the THyGa consortium, GoGaS is actively shaping the future as an industry representative and established manufacturer. GoGaS is thus taking the decisive step further.

GoGaS advises with its expertise

When it comes to the development and implementation of state-of-the-art building solutions, GoGaS is considered a pioneer in the field of environmentally friendly and resource-saving technologies. As one of the first international players, the company focused very early on technologies with the lowest possible CO2 emissions and is now one of the leading providers of system solutions that guarantee maximum energy efficiency, enable maximum profitability, benefit from tax advantages and meet ESG criteria .