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VDMA Innovation 2-2020

Clean combustion with a hydrogen burner

The Dortmund specialist for heat technology GoGaS Goch GmbH & Co. KG has developed a hydrogen burner that uses pore burning technology to enable extremely clean combustion. This takes place in a porous ceramic foam, with each pore in the foam representing its own reaction cell. Apart from water, nitrogen oxides are only produced in trace amounts as a combustion product. Compared to a natural gas burner, the hydrogen burner has a heat transfer coefficient that is more than twice as high, i.e. the heating process only takes half as long. This technology is already suitable for making steelworks largely CO2-neutral. But not only heating or forming processes in the steel sector can be mapped in a sustainable and climate-friendly way.

Technology to fuel independence technology

Another ZIM research project together with KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) is working on a switchable burner that can work with both natural gas and hydrogen. This new technology makes the burner independent of the fuel offered. This innovative burner technology is also the focus of the EU research project ECCO. The coil coating process is made much more sustainable. The process of coil coating is used in a large part of industrial steel and metal alloy production and is associated with large plants and high primary energy consumption. As part of the ECCO project, the energy requirement is reduced by around 80 percent, the CO2 emissions by around 65 percent and the space required by the new technology by 50 percent. In 2021, a demonstration plant in Italy will go into operation on a production scale at the project partner for rolling mill technology Globus SRL. The aim here is to test the new process on a production scale and to prove that there is no loss of quality compared to the currently recognized processes. The new procedure should be "socially acceptable" and recognized.

Text excerpt from ProductionNRW / VDMA e.V.

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