GoGas Desinfektion Räume und Hallen

GoGaS presents its new INTERsens series for the combined disinfection and cleaning of the air in all buildings such as retail, gastronomy, hotel industry, trade, administration, service, sports facilities.

GoGaS Desinfektion Parkgaragen

GoGaS presents its new PARKsens series for the combined disinfection and cleaning of air in garages and underground garages.

GoGaS Desinfektion Aufzüge

GoGaS presents its new LIFTsens series for the disinfection of lifts of all common manufacturers and models.

The LIFTsens series combines gentle and gentle UV-C light disinfection with the exchange and simultaneous cleaning of the air. The LIFTsens solutions are suitable for new elevators as well as for existing systems in all facilities and buildings, such as businesses, hotels, public...

GoGaS CAREtaker Desinfektion Grossraumbuero

The CAREtaker, as the robot for disinfection is called, is a combination of the latest industrially proven low-floor robotics with cameras, sensors, interfaces etc. and the latest medical UV-C technology. It can work fully autonomously and, with its height of 171 cm, covers air surfaces and surfaces up to a room height of at least 220 cm. The use is completely environmentally friendly, is done...

Pressemitteilung GoGaS Gasmotor Wärmepumpe Dortmund News

Subsidies reduce the cost of the gas engine heat pump.

The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) supports the purchase of gas-powered heat pumps with high subsidies. The "Heating with Renewable Energies" program provides grants of up to 35 percent of the eligible costs for new buildings and renovations. If an oil heater is replaced, the subsidy can rise to 45%. A good...

GoGaS UV Roboter Sesinfektion Büroeinsatz

The video shows how to disinfect an office space using a GoGaS UV-C disinfection robot. The time-lapse recording shows the functionality of the disinfection robot very clearly.


GoGaS Panstadia Arena Management

Can Stadium operators afford not to respond?

GoGaS CAREtaker Produktionsstätte

Years ago Gogas said goodbye to classic product sales as a corporate strategy and consistently supplemented the overall portfolio with technical innovations from leading companies on the market. "For our customers, it is not essential that we constantly develop everything ourselves, but rather that we use synergies that also bring added value to our customers," explains Martin Sembach,...

GoGaS CO2 neutrale Immonilie

With 70 years of experience in the areas of sustainability and energy efficiency, GoGaS has developed a product range that - when used individually, but above all in combination - leads to cost savings in the areas of heating and cooling of logistics properties, and that to complete CO2 neutrality in operation . The most important technical components are dark radiators (with and without a...

LogReal.Direct 2

The older the property, the higher the operating costs of an existing property. “Buildings that were built before 2005 are problematic in terms of energy efficiency,” explains Heiko Schneider (Managing Director of GoGaS Goch Dortmund). The reasons for this are the poor insulation and the outdated technology in terms of heating and cooling. But there are possibilities to retrofit an older...

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