Der Weg zur CO2-neutralen Immobilie

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The older the property, the higher the operating costs of an existing property. “Buildings that were built before 2005 are problematic in terms of energy efficiency,” explains Heiko Schneider (Managing Director of GoGaS Goch Dortmund). The reasons for this are the poor insulation and the outdated technology in terms of heating and cooling. But there are possibilities to retrofit an older property and thereby make the operation almost CO2-neutral. Heiko Schneider: “By retrofitting gas condensing dark emitters
in combination with an air solar system and the use of CO2-neutral methane gas, the annual CO2 emissions can be reduced to 0 tons. This enables the annual operating costs to be reduced by around 85% to around EUR 77,000. The investments required for this are reduced by various funding programs. "

With 70 years of experience in the areas of sustainability and energy efficiency, GoGaS has developed a product range that - when used individually, but above all in combination - leads to cost savings in the areas of heating and cooling of logistics properties, right down to complete CO2 neutrality in operation . The most important technical components are dark radiators (with and without a condensing system), the LUBI WALL air-solar system and the VolumeAir HVLS fan.

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