GoGaS Goch CAREtaker Sanitär

The CAREtaker, developed in close cooperation with renowned institutes and clinics, as a European product, meets the requirements regarding Health & Safety Compliance according to EU health standards and has already successfully proven itself in hospitals and clinics in the fight against bacteria, germs, fungi and viruses . It operates fully autonomously, without ozone and without the use of dangerous disinfectants that pollute the environment (air / water). It disinfects air and surfaces at the same time, without affecting surfaces, materials and structures. The latest UV-C technology has been successfully combined with proven industrial low-floor robotics. This means that the proven and certified technology can now be used in practically all areas outside of hospitals in daily operation. This also includes applications in industrial and commercial environments such as production, logistics, offices, hotels, conference centers, train stations, airports, subways, ships, etc.

The UV-C wavelength is set exactly to a wavelength of 254nm with an energy density of> 85%. This combination goes far beyond the possibilities of manual disinfection and destroys the DNA structure of the pathogen. A renewed independent reactivation is excluded. In practice, it works faster and more reliably than any manual wiping or spraying process and leaves no residue.