Panstadia Arena dritte-Quartal 2020 GoGaS Dortmund

The robot is a key tool but only one element in the entire system solution we provide to our customers. A robot alone cannot do the job. This is why basically all customers are asking us in the
meantime for modular solutions that they can apply across their organisation, according to their needs. In summary, our Health & Safety solution is like a firewall providing four key categories of
protection that our customers can use across their entire company and value chain, fighting all pathogens, not just Covid-19.

Our UV-C portfolio covers desktop and portable solutions, flight case versions, fully autonomous and robot modules. Our customers can cover all their needs from entering the building, passing the lobby, using their elevator and in all other rooms such as offices, conference rooms, kitchens, canteens, sanitary rooms and others, right through to disinfection of luggage and more.

The second category of our portfolio combines UV-C with air filtering (INTERsens, LIFTsens, PARKsens) and can easily be ceiling or wall mounted or used as a floor system, disinfecting ambient air in a controlled and monitored way using UV-C. Again, we are currently the only manufacturer in the market providing the entire portfolio and uniquely, there is no need for expensive filters, and all are
medically validated.

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