Investment is needed in hygiene standards

Passengers Terminal GoGaS Goch

According to Martin Sembach, director of strategic business development at ecothermal engineering company GoGaS Goch, airports will need to invest more
in cleaning solutions in the near future if they want to tackle Covid-19. Sembach encourages the implementation of more automated cleaning solutions, such as touchless dispensers in washrooms and autonomous robots that use UV-C lighting to provide 360° disinfection coverage.

“UV-C technology has been used for years in other sectors, such as within hospitals, and has proved to reliably destroy pathogens. Airports have, however,
been reluctant to invest in it due to its initial high cost,” Sembach says. “GoGaS develops automated UV-C disinfection robots, which can be used continuously to clean floors and other surfaces. When you compare the initial cost with operating costs, the UV-C robots actually save airports money in the long term.”

The robots can be used in areas such as check-in, security, restrooms, lounges, gates and baggage reclaim, according to Sembach. “We also provide
portable desktop cleaning solutions for use throughout the airport, and sensorcontrolled digital dispensers that track usage,” he adds.

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