Lightweight tube heaters

GoGaS leichte Dunkelstrahler

Generally available tube heaters on the market often have a total weight of more than 320 kg per radiator in a power class of 60 kW. Converted to the power/kW, this means an additional ceiling load by the radiator itself of approx. 5 to 5.3 kg per kW power.

When using GoGaS tube heaters of the 66KW power class, this load can be reduced by 46% to just 2.3 kg/kW even with standard devices. If the patented GoGaS Trigomax condensing technology for even better energy efficiency is also used, the point load on the ceiling can be reduced by up to 55%.

Thanks to this combination (radiators +condensing technology), the tube heaters achieve a heating power of up to 35Watt/m² with a comparable weight saving of approx. 55%.

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