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Infrared competence

GoGaS covers the entire, technically used infrared wave range. We are the only global dryer manufacturer who offers this complete wavelength range from a single source. Thus, GoGaS adapts the drying process to your customer needs. Every project benefits from our decades of experience in the field of infrared radiation. The energy source gas also stands for minimal energy costs. 



All wavelengths

Long-wave heaters

To the program of the long-wave heaters belong on the one hand our low intensity heaters. They work with a gas burner, which creates a soft, elongated flame that is directed into special jet pipes. By heat transfer from the flame and the hot combustion gases on the pipe surface long-wave infrared radiation is generated. The combustion gases can be selectively removed without coming into contact with the product or the processing room. Exclusive at GoGaS: The exhaust gas heat exchanger TRIGOMAX® can be used to utilize the residual heat. The warm air can be used purposefully for further processes. This means a further increase in energy efficiency.

On the other hand, GoGaS supplies gas-heated, catalytic infrared heaters with a flameless heating technology.

Both heaters deliver heat with consistently low intensity. A large range of materials absorb this long-wave energy homogeneously well. The risk of overheating is minimized.

Medium-wave heaters

GoGaS offers a variable range of gas-powered, medium-wave infrared high intensity heaters: the ceramic heater and the metal fiber heater with a knitted or sintered surface. These high intensity heaters have been specially developed for industrial use and have proven their reliability in millions of operating hours. By combining such heaters, the customer receives a homogeneous heater field of almost any length and width, optimally adapted to his needs. Within the respective control range, the heaters are infinitely variable.

Due to the high radiation efficiency and often an additional use of the hot air cushion between heater and substrate, high energy utilization is ensured.

Short-wave heaters

In cooperation with the University of Erlangen, GoGaS has developed a completely new concept for gas infrared heaters. The combustion of the gas is no longer carried out as in known systems on the radiator surface but in the core of the porous structure of the heater. By using the new combustion principle, it has been possible to build a heater with extremely high power density.
This short-wave infrared heater, which was a world first in 2005 when introduced to the market, has proven its practical suitability over many years of industrial use.