Tube heaters

Tube heaters

Technical data

Wave length: 3,3 - 5 µm
max. radiation temperature: 600 °C
max. thermal surface load: 17 kW/m²
Connection power: max. 70 kW


The program of long-wave radiators includes low intensity heaters. These heaters work with a gas burner which creates a soft, elongated flame that is directed into special jet pipes. By heat transfer from the flame and the hot combustion gases on the pipe surface, long-wave IR radiation is generated. The combustion gases can be selectively removed without contacting the product or the process space.

The heater delivers heat with uniform low intensity. A large range of materials absorb this long-wave energy homogeneously well. The risk of overheating is minimized.

The special characteristics of the heater are

  • its versatility
  • its controlled expansion under heat load
  • its low weight
  • its compact and robust design