Metal fibre burner with sintered surface

Metal fibre burner with sintered surface

Technical data

Wave length: 2,2 µm
max. radiation temperature: 1.050 °C
max. thermal surface load: 250 kW/m²
Connection power: max. 8 kW


These high intensity heaters have been specially developed for industrial use and have proven their reliability in millions of operating hours. By combining such heaters, the customer receives a homogeneous heater field of almost any length and width, optimally adapted to his needs. Within the respective control range, the spotlights are infinitely variable. Due to the high radiation efficiency and an often additional use of the hot air cushion between heater and substrate, high energy utilization is ensured.

The heater has been optimized with regard to the usable infrared rate and the short heating and cooling times.

The special characteristics of the heater are

  • its high modulation
  • its versatility
  • its controlled expansion under heat load
  • its low weight
  • its compact and robust design
  • the very fast heating and cooling times

The advantages of the heaters are

  • resistance to themal shocks
  • resistance to mechanical effects
  • easy change of the heater elements
  • any installation position
  • suitable for natural or liquid gas