Porous burner RADIMAX

Porous burner RADIMAX for industrial drying processes and process heat

Technical data

Wave length: 1,7 µm
max. radiation temperature: 1.450 °C
max. thermal surface load: 1.000 kW/m²

Short wavelength with great effect

In cooperation with the University of Erlangen, GoGaS has developed a completely new concept for gas infrared heaters. The combustion of the gas is no longer carried out as in known systems on the radiator surface but in the core of the porous structure of the heater. By using the new combustion principle, it has been possible to build a heater with extremely high power density. In principle, particularly scale products are suitable for drying processes with gas infrared heaters.

Quickly available and powerful

The operational readiness is already reached within a few minutes. This eliminates the need for a long heat-up phase which is required in many convective systems. In addition, when using gas-infrared porous burners, often a high heat transfer is achieved in the way that the drying section can be made much shorter than in circulating air dryers, or rather at the same drying length, a higher drying performance is achieved.

Your porous burner advantages at a glance

  • short heating and cooling times
  • low operating costs
  • high efficiency
  • extremely high modulation
  • very clean combustion
  • thermal shock resistant
  • easy maintenance

Sustainability by lowering the pollutant values

An essential point for the assessment of combustion processes is of course the pollutant emission. For this reason, surface radiators and porous burners were measured in comparison. Conclusion: at all measured values, the porous burner performs much better!