Heating fields

Heating panels are obtained by the horizontal and vertical stringing together of heaters with any possible dimensions, depending on the selected heater type. Heating panels are suitable wherever a high heat transfer in a small area is required.

Due to the broad product range of long-, medium- or short-wave infrared heaters, GoGaS can offer the optimal heater for the best possible solution. The combination of different heaters is sometimes advantageous. Furthermore, the heater types are ideally suited to exploit the energy of the flue gases for an additional, convective heat transfer. As a result, heating panels are very economical in the smallest space.

Examples of use:

  • caramelizing sugar on biscuits
  • heating of meat products
  • testing of fireproof clothing
  • heating of foils
  • heating of asphalt or bitumen
  • drying of coatings e. g. on glass panes, carpet backs or insulating wool