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Thawing / Deicing

Temperature independent with rail car thawing systems from GoGaS

Economical and field-proven

Hard coal, lignite, ores, FGD gypsum (gypsum extracted from flue-gas desulfurization) or limestone gravel - frozen bulk goods of all kinds can be easily thawed for unloading with rail car thawing systems in wintry temperatures. GoGaS presents different plant types that are technically mature and have proven their worth under field conditions, not least because they are economical and guarantee careful handling of the rail cars. And as far as the costs are concerned, they are far lower than a loss of production!

The right solution for every situation

As the requirements to our rail car thawing systems are very different, GoGaS developed a wide range of systems in order to always achieve the best result for you.


Functional description

Infrared radiant heaters heat the sidewalls of the rail cars to such an extent that the side flaps can be opened easily. In addition, they thaw the bulk material in the edge zones of the wagons. The wagon bottom sides are additionally heated by underbody burners. Thus, the wagons are ice-free - without any mechanical damage - and can be easily unloaded. In addition, it is ensured that the maximum temperatures specified by the railway company are not exceeded at any point on the wagon.

To this day, GoGaS has delivered over 30 rail car thawing systems worldwide. In the smallest plant, one wagon is thawed; in the largest 32 wagons at the same time.