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Energy-efficient heating / cooling solution for a logistics hall

The optimal solution was demanded for the heating / cooling of two logistics halls and 15 office rooms. Decisive factors were energy efficiency and amortization. The original proposal of our...

GoGaS - Kunde ALUnna


Restructuring of a production hall - a clever combination for more energy savings

The halls of the aluminium plant Unna are used for different work processes, e. g. a foundry, a press plant, a shipping hall and modern testing facilities. Next to new buildings there are also...

GoGaS - Kunde Geiger


New construction of a production hall - new production location exemplary heated

Geiger was looking for an energetically innovative heating system for its new production hall. Required were a comfortable indoor climate as well as a minimum ensured temperature level of 17 ° C...

GoGaS Referenz


Renovation of a production hall - the energy-saving application: condensing technology from GoGaS

The company Michels Baumaschinen und Fahrzeugbau is one of the full-liners in the construction equipment market when it comes to earthmoving and handling. The highly efficient heating of the...

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Ølen Betong

Restructuring of a production hall - heating with infrared radiation technology

The Norwegian producer Ølen Betong mixes different kinds of concrete with different performance characteristics resulting in different treatment and hardening times. Each kind needs a distinct...

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Riding school

Restoration of a riding school – Infrared heating systems for comfortable warmth

Uneasy grandstands in riding stadiums, cold riding schools or sports facilities are not visitor-friendly. With GoGaS heating systems, sports facilities can be heated quickly, economically and...

Variomax in der Finca und Bar Celona

Finca & Bar Celona

New construction of a restaurant – cosy warmth with VARIOMAX

The Finca & Bar Celona presents on a total of 620 square meters a guest room in typical Mediterranean flair and function rooms. Surrounded by large windows and high ceilings, the interior...

GoGaS Referenz Bsullak Maschinenbau LUBI Wall Solar-Luftsystem

Bsullak Maschinenbau

Redevelopment of a production hall: efficient heat support with LUBI Wall solar air system

Bsullak GmbH in Eltville in Hessen offers high-quality CNC work as well as conventional milling and turning.
Owner Andreas Bsullak had the ambition to energetically put his company on a new...

Forwarding agency Haller

Renovation of an existing hall according to the German Energy Saving Regulations (EnEV)

„Get into the black with green ideas!” - According to this motto, the forwarding agency Haller in Ebersbach (near Stuttgart) is expanding its logistics real estate in accordance with the most...