DSF Tube Heater

DSF tube heater with [ten sided] reflector

DSF tube heater with [ten sided] reflector uses a ten facetted reflector geometry, high-grade aluminium and new flexibility arranging the tube heater. This is the future of efficient room heating.

Top energy efficiency
Tube heater work with the unrivalled sun warmth principle. Infrared ray heat are most pleasant for humans: Despite lower surrounding temperature the warmth is perceived as comfortable.

The tube heater system DSF is a decentralised heating system. Which means that the heat is generated and used where it is needed and distribution losses are minimized. The heater is generally made up of a gas burner, radiation pipes and reflectors. Only adjusted perfectly its potential developes.

Reflector as efficiency multiplier
An ingenious idea produced the sophisticated form of the reflector. Via the edged cap geometry ten reflector surfaces were created, which reflect the infrared energy past the pipe directly at the supposed area.

A bounce-back-effect, where the heat reflects back at the pipe, is prevented. The revolutionary geometry of the ten sided aluminium reflector creates a sensational increase in the radiation efficiency. The reflector geometry directs 100 % of the infrared energy into the lounge and working area of the room.

Aluminium acts as a mirror
The optimal material for a reflector is aluminium. It reflects the radiation perfectly without emitting warmth upwards. Contrary to other material which darkens over time the surface stays shiny and effective. This makes an insulation superfluous. Furthermore the new DSF tube heater is a visual highlight.
For every room there is an optimal DSF-configuration. Due to its extreme flexibility the GoGaS tube heater DSF can be integrated exact into the room architecture and use.

Doing more with less!
Due to the innovative geometry and the optimal material expensive insulation is unnecessary.

As a combined heating system with the TRIGOMAX® it can reach a thermal efficiency of up to 110 %.

When low intensity heaters are employed the perceived temperature can be determined from the temperature of the air and the mean radiation temperature. The particular feature of low intensity heaters is that depending on radiation received the room temperature can be kept much lower for achieving the same perceived room temperature. Highest flexibility and a multi-sided arrangement allow a perfect heat distribution.

Energy savings of approx. 6 % per Kelvin are possible!


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