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Your competent partner

As a specialist for heating, cooling and ventilation, we are your competent partner for the best building climate and thermotechnical process systems, as well as room air hygiene, chemical-free disinfection and protective equipment.

According to your request we configure the ideal solution. We are focussed to sustainability and efficiency.

Upon request we provide you with the full service from planning to maintenance.

This means in detail:

Heating, cooling and ventilation of commercial and industrial buildings, e.q.

    • commercial and industrial halls
    • sports centres
    • logistic halls
    • Administration and office building
    • Exhibition halls
    • Hangars


Heating of outdoor areas, as e.g.

  • Stands
  • Terraces and patios


Heating technological process system for drying, coating and heating for industrial sectors, e.q. 

Chemical-free disinfection and room air hygiene such as

  • Buildings, schools, day-care centers, elevators, fitness centers, garages
  • Baggage carts, shopping carts, handrails, escalators
  • Events, cinema, trade fairs
  • Bus & Train
  • Swimming pool, changing rooms, sanitary facilities, toilets
  • Tools, Utensils
  • Disinfection robot CAREtaker Hero 2

Measuring devices and protective clothing such as

  • UV-C measuring devices
  • Certified protective suits
  • FFP2 respirators
  • Face shield

Application examples 1

referenz hamprecht 1 gogas goch

Restructuring of a production hall - a clever combination for more energy savings

The halls of the aluminium plant Unna are used for different work processes, e. g. a foundry, a press plant, a shipping hall and modern testing facilities. Next to new buildings there are also halls older than a hundred years. The halls were originally heated with a warm air system. Since 2004 the...

Application examples 2

haller dach titel gogas goch

Renovation of an existing hall according to the German Energy Saving Regulations (EnEV)

„Get into the black with green ideas!” - According to this motto, the forwarding agency Haller in Ebersbach (near Stuttgart) is expanding its logistics real estate in accordance with the most efficient measures. The agency commissioned GoGaS to energetically restructure a 20,000 m² hall in order...


  • VolumeAir HVLS: Turn slowly, save quickly.

    This fan is a four-time winner. B2B real estate: the indoor climate is a high economic asset"Every kilowatt counts!" Economics Minister Robert Habeck puts it in a nutshell - we need to save electricity and gas. The increasingly threatening climate change and the tense geopolitical world situation require concrete measures. Economical energy consumption protects the environment, slows global warming and makes
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  • GoGaS now a member of the German Datacenter Association (GDA)

    Sustainability and energy efficiency - CO2 neutral and fossil-free planning, construction and operation of data centers GoGaS brings its expertise to the GDA and the Think Tank, Energy Efficient & Sustainability.The manufacturer and supplier of technical building equipment (TGA) GoGaS, www.gogas.com, becomes a member of the German Datacenter Association (GDA). GoGaS offers custom-fit, modular TGA systems for the building climate, from
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  • GoGaS is now a member of the Advisory Panel of the European THyGa Project

    Realising fossil-free energy supply of the future! Reducing gas consumption is the order of the dayThe existing gas infrastructure is a decisive factor for energy supply and security of supply, as it can store energy in the long term and with high capacity. Nevertheless, it is important to reduce gas consumption not only for ecological reasons, but also particularly regarding
    Read More

  • New in the portfolio: DAIKIN VRV 5

    A milestone on the way to decarbonising commercial buildings In order to always offer its customers the optimal solution, GoGaS works closely with system partners whose technologies in the field of sustainable building solutions perfectly complement our portfolio. We are pleased to welcome DAIKIN, the leading manufacturer of air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump technology, as a new system partner.
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  • Easier to achieve ESG goals

    Building solutions and health protection from a single source. How sustainable is your company?Which concepts and technologies are considered sustainable, and how can a company be identified that sets positive trends in the area of sustainability? The ESG criteria help potential investors to assess the sustainable behavior of a company. The term ESG comes from the English and stands for
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