About Us

We get to the heart of heating

Established in 1946, GoGaS has become a key innovation and technology partner to many customers and Who is Who in their industries, providing sustainable, environment friendly and innovative turnkey solutions for buildings, manufacturing process up to CO2 neutral operation.

The unique portfolio includes a wide range of modular system and turnkey solutions such as IR, UV, UV-C, Aircondition, Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, Solar Systems and others for stationary, mobile and portable in- and outdoor applications. The company is active in several standardization committees, defining the next generation of technology standards such as TGA+.

GoGaS is a key stakeholder in leading associations and initiatives, such as VDMA, figawa, Export Initiative Energy, ELVHIS and others. As an active member of the BLUE COMPETENCE ALLIANCE, GoGaS is also driving the future of environment friendly and energy efficient planning, building and operating of B2B buildings, thus optimizing its CO2 footprint and maintaining the highest possible asset valuation, ROI and TCO for investors, owners, operators and tenants at the same time. The company is also involved in key research programs of the EU and industrial technology partners.

GoGaS provides its customers with turnkey solutions, reducing the number of interfaces, eliminating delays in the Supply Chain and project execution and provides a lifetime warranty and support service.

How we work

GoGaS works with an extensive sales and service network. This means we are particularly close to our customers and guarantee short travel distances and rapid response times.

We provide everything from a single source: From planning to production, assembly, maintenance and commissioning. Our range of services is complemented by intelligent regulation and control technology. Even after completion of the systems and heating systems we offer the perfect care with our after-sales service, regardless of whether it’s delivering replacement parts or making repairs.

Each customer is different. We know and take that into account in our daily work. Thanks to our extensive product range and customised project planning we are always flexible and can therefore fulfil the individual requirements and desires of our customers. We are motivated by delivering the “best solution” for each individual.

Research and development

Heinz Goch, founder of the company, recognised early on the potential of gas infrared heaters as a heat source. To this day his researcher’s spirit and striving for continued development characterise the day-to-day business of GoGaS.

Everyone is already talking about energy efficiency and it is increasingly important. Thanks to our continual research and development work we create energy efficient systems for heating and process heat which not only reduce costs but also at the same time reduce CO2 and sustainably protect the environment.

We dare to think outside the box. We cooperate closely with well-known research institutes and universities which support our ability to innovate. We are also more than willing to put own technology to the test. To optimise our products we work with our own test stand with infrared-radiometer, which serves to measure the radiation factors and efficiency levels of high and low intensity heaters.

We are firmly convinced that environmentally conscious business and a focus on costs are not mutually exclusive but rather complement each other perfectly. An ideal example: TRIGOMAX, the condensing low intensity heater introduced in 2011 for using the heat of the flue gas, achieves peak values for energy saving and CO2 reduction with low investment costs.

With a system from GoGaS you are thinking about the future!